“With a refreshing new voice, Samuel explores the search for enlightenment in her standout debut... The author shows with heart and insight that what we seek is often right in front of us.” — Publishers Weekly

“A book that nourishes both the heart and the mind... a feast to read.” — Los Angeles Review of Books

“Every character in this outstanding first novel is searching for a reason to exist — not just the Meyer family, but also their neighbors and close friends. The need for human relationships and mysticism’s relationship to life impel them forward into very questionable actions that might have disastrous consequences. This heart-stopping narrative will keep readers glued until the very end.”  Library Journal Starred Review

“A welcome and sympathetic portrait of a world that for many of us is close and yet all too far.”  Montreal Review of Books

“Samuel presents in equal measure the agonies and ecstasy of faith, a mysticism inadvertent and hard-won.”  Globe and Mail

“Rarely does one encounter a novel as full of charm and heart as Sigal Samuel's riveting The Mystics of Mile End. And perhaps even more rarely does one encounter a novel that takes up enormous questions — about the very nature of existence — with both profound intelligence and galloping humor. Before you crack open this book, be forewarned: You will fall in love. Comparisons will surely abound — to Mordecai Richler, Nicole Krauss, Rebecca Goldstein — but none suffice: Samuel is a writer as utterly singular as the corner of Montreal in which this wonderful debut takes place.” — Joanna Rakoff, author of My Salinger Year

“Brimming with magic and mystery, The Mystics of Mile End tells the story of a family haunted by secrets and loss. Sigal Samuel fearlessly delves into the esoteric world of Jewish mysticism and its intersection with urban life in modern-day Montreal. Engaging, tender, intelligent, this is a remarkable debut from a promising new literary voice.” — Ayelet Tsabari, author of The Best Place on Earth

“A family is pulled to Jewish mysticism — and away from each other — in this expansive saga about faith, love, and loss… The minor characters, ever present in the background, shine as their stories conclude powerfully… A tale about the stories we let ourselves believe.” — Kirkus Reviews

Mystics reads almost like an allegory, with each character representing a distinct approach to finding meaning. And yet, what the characters find in their searches often blurs the lines of their approaches, emerging as something new entirely.” Shelf Awareness

“You don't have to know much about Judaism, Montreal or the Tree of Life to appreciate this novel. The setting is so vivid that you can easily imagine yourself there, with French, Yiddish and English mingling in the air... Samuel nails it.” Autostraddle

“The Mystics in Sigal Samuel’s charming and generous book may be found near the intersection of Nicole Krauss’s The History of Love, Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake, and Mordecai Richler’s The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. This wonderfully self-assured debut explores the perils of faith and doubt.” — Adam Langer, author of Crossing California

“A remarkable debut with a profound sense of empathy for what it means to be human.” — Simon Van Booy, author of Everything Beautiful Began After

“An absorbing tale of one family’s search for meaning, Mystics is a beautiful and heartbreaking read.” — Anya Ulinich, author of Lena Finkle’s Magic Barrel

“Samuel succeeds in many ways: She takes on writing about religion and mysticism from a youthful, modern perspective; she has writing about madness and cultishness down.”  National Post

The Mystics of Mile End explores mysticism as an everyday practice that infiltrates science, secularism, religion, grief, joy, mathematics, linguistics, and intellectualism… It is no small achievement that Samuel makes mysticism touchable.” — The Winnipeg Review

“One of the most notable aspects of the novel is how drastically the tone shifts with different narrators… taking the reader on a journey through innocence, cynicism, lust, delusion and madness.”  Calgary Herald

“If Sigal Samuel was ever cautioned against tackling themes of mysticism, tradition, queer identity, death and recovery all in the same debut novel, she most triumphantly ignored that advice.” — Amber Dawn, author of Sub Rosa

“Sigal Samuel’s writing is vivid, smart, and charming — I can’t wait to read more from her.” — Zoe Whittall, author of Bottle Rocket Hearts

“Eleven-year-old Lev deserves a place in the hall of fame of winning child narrators.”  All Lit Up